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"All you need, within reach"


exlabesa has 8 aluminium extrusion presses in Spain, going from 13 MN to 65 MN. This capacity ranks the company as European leader in meeting extruded aluminium needs in all its applications. Plus, we should mention the flexibility and dynamism of its production system. Each year, it can extrude 70,000 MT of profiles.

Extrusion plants: MN 13 three presses, MN 22 three presses, a MN 35 press, a 65 MN press
Maximum length of extruded profile: 45 m. Maximum length of tempered profile: 26 m.
Maximum circumscribed diameter: 620 mm. Minimum circumscribed diameter: 20 mm.
Maximum weight per profile: 70 kg / m Minimum weight per profile: 0.1 kg/m
Alloys: EN-AW 1xxx until EN-AW 7xxx
13 MN and 16 MN presses
22 MN press
35 MN press
65 MN press