Andalusia is looking for entities for cooperation with regard to promotion of investments in the amount of 227 million euro for sustainable energy development within its society

At the beginning, Andalusia is planning to invest the amount of EUR 227 million to support sustainable energy development in the autonomous region between 2017 and 2020. Therefore, the process of acceptance of applications submitted by cooperating entities interested in undertaking activities in the scope of energy, which qualify for grants and which are covered by the Ordinance of 23 December 2016 on determination of the basis for granting aid, pursuant to the announcement published in Andalusia’s Official Journal: starts on 16 January.

The process of acceptance of interested entities is simplified and fully computerised. It will be available throughout the duration of the programme and it is addressed to professionals and companies operating their businesses in such sectors as the energy efficiency, sustainable building and the use of renewable energy sources in buildings and structures. After the announcement on acceptance of applications for participation in the programme, which is planned to occur during the second quarter of the current year, the cooperating entities are going to be providing advice to applicants and they are going to participate in the procedure of awarding grants on their behalf.

The first type of grants for sustainable building is aimed at encouraging investments consisting in improving the efficiency and savings generated with regard to private and public purpose infrastructure and buildings. Projects connected with improved thermal capacity and equipping new facilities with items such as lighting or air conditioning shall be distinguished.

Grants for sustainable building are going to be used to finance the following activities: provision of windows or skylights with the relevant thermal capacity, including measures for protection against solar radiation or for providing shade as well as methods for utilisation of natural light.

The grants are addressed both to citizens (for residential purposes) and to housing communities, sole entrepreneurs, local governments as well as small and medium enterprises. The new announcement is meant to constitute a response to the incredible popularity of such grants during previous editions in 2014 and in 2015, owing to which over 36,000 investments were carried out by 8,000 cooperating entities and over 20,000 workplaces were created.

The new announcement on acceptance of applications for the project, managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency (AEA) and co-financed using resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is addressed to natural persons, companies and administrative bodies to encourage initiatives regarding energy savings and efficient use of renewable energy sources.