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Applications for participation in the Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises 2017 can be submitted in the Basque Country by the end of March 2017

Similarly to previous years, the government of the Basque Country published an announcement on the possibility to participate in the next edition of the Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises. Applications can be submitted by the end of March 2017, in accordance with the Ordinance published in Basque Country’s Official ... Sigue leyendo

Andalusia is looking for entities for cooperation with regard to promotion of investments in the amount of 227 million euro for sustainable energy development within its society

At the beginning, Andalusia is planning to invest the amount of EUR 227 million to support sustainable energy development in the autonomous region between 2017 and 2020. Therefore, the process of acceptance of applications submitted by cooperating entities interested in undertaking activities in the scope of energy, which qualify for ... Sigue leyendo