Curtain wall – a subject of the conference on Structural Glazing

Last March, we organized a conference on Structural Glazing, concentrating on the system of ECW-50 Curtain Wall. It was attended by three Universities from A Coruña, Technical University of Architecture, University of Technical Architecture and CESUGA.

The schedule involved two lectures and one visit to the construction site. The lectures consisted of two parts. The first concentrated on the different aspects of the curtain wall, such as energy efficiency, its components, requirements and design systems.   The second conference concentrated on the project of exlabesa Architectural Lab and the application of the concepts.

At the end, students and teachers could observe the installation of ECW-50 curtain wall during a visit to a construction site. The builders explained, from their point of view details of the construction, such as industrial pleats specifically designed for the exlabesa Architectural Lab large anodized posts of approx. 11.20 m length.

The technical sessions were successful completed, and in we had the opportunity to share our experience and project with the students and teachers of three universities.