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The New Architectural Lab At exlabesa highlights our industrial potential

exlabesa Architectural Lab, is the new headquarters for the Systems company, it demonstrates the industrial power of the company through the curtain wall created with the ECW-50 system. Its uniqueness has reached a new level through the production of a beam made of one of the largest aluminium profiles, which are manufactured in Spain, on which the wall sits.

The installed profile has over 30,000 cm4 of inertia and provides support for the curtain wall at 2.5 m above the ground level. However, the supports are suspended on the upper part, attachment to a large aluminium beam is carried out allowing for necessary vertical movement due to expansion.

In our Rois plant, we have a 6500-tone press. It allows to create profiles with a width of 62 cm and carry out extrusion cycles, without binding up to 500 kg.

The new building positions exlabesa as a leader in the world market for extrusion of aluminium and PVC, and allows us to show our capabilities, and the use of products we manufacture.

Curtain wall – a subject of the conference on Structural Glazing

Last March, we organized a conference on Structural Glazing, concentrating on the system of ECW-50 Curtain Wall. It was attended by three Universities from A Coruña, Technical University of Architecture, University of Technical Architecture and CESUGA.

The schedule involved two lectures and one visit to the construction site. The lectures consisted of two parts. The first concentrated on the different aspects of the curtain wall, such as energy efficiency, its components, requirements and design systems.   The second conference concentrated on the project of exlabesa Architectural Lab and the application of the concepts.

At the end, students and teachers could observe the installation of ECW-50 curtain wall during a visit to a construction site. The builders explained, from their point of view details of the construction, such as industrial pleats specifically designed for the exlabesa Architectural Lab large anodized posts of approx. 11.20 m length.

The technical sessions were successful completed, and in we had the opportunity to share our experience and project with the students and teachers of three universities.

exlabesa obtains excellent results in recent Tests of RS-70 HOi

At the beginning of March, new tests of RS-70 HOi system, 16-mm channel version, were carried out in the ENSATEC Laboratory, accredited as the European Notified Body. This confirmed the latest achievements in the development of the system, hidden fittings and hidden corner fittings which in comparison to previous studies, were further improved.

RS-70 HOi reached the top results which is the best in our range of viable systems. The tests were carried out on a window of a size of 1000×1200 mm, and reached the classification of E1950 CLASS for water resistance, and the assessment of CE3100 CLASS for wind resistance.

RS-70 HOi window system connects technology and innovation for aesthetics and solid structure. At a depth of 70 mm the outside appearance is an attractive feature which highlights its simple form. Due to the slim external aesthetics of the system you cannot distinguish the fixed lights from the opening sashes.

exlabesa completes the range of PVC systems with a new Elevable Sliding Window: the GRAND Comfort

GRAND Comfort is the new solution to the Elevable Sliding Window for the PVC-U system range by exlabesa. The company chose VETECO to launch it on the market, with a large-scale exhibit.

Of all the sliding windows, the Elevable has always been considered top of the range. Helped by high capacity rollers, it allows the installation of glass panes of up to 400 kg.

The quality of “Elevable” is determined by its hardware: the panel lifts slightly before moving, helped by the roller assemblies inside and a large handle. In this position, free of friction, large panels glide smoothly along an aluminium rail.

One of the main reasons for choosing this system is because it is easy to manufacture. The time employed is up to 30% less than other systems. In addition, the use of aluminium for the inside frame makes it more robust and allows for minimising its height to reduce the subsequent architectural limitation.

New sliding window system in aluminium-wood: S-VAM by exlabesa

exlabesa presented at VETECO 2016 a sliding window system made of wood and aluminium: S-VAM.

This system allows you to enjoy the same irreplaceable sensation of having a window made of real wood inside your house but with the performance of aluminium. The aluminium and wood system of the S-VAM combines the warmth of wood with the durability, safety, and robust performance characteristic of an aluminium window.

This model combines metal and wood, observing the behavioural differences of both materials under different weather conditions. It is available in the most sought-after interior finishes, oak and sapele wood, in a range of profiles including two, three, four and six panel windows.

The PVC-U systems by exlabesa come with aluminium cladding

Over the next few months, exlabesa shall lunch aluminium cladding to cover the exterior of all its PVC systems.

Soon you have the option to cover the exterior of your PVC windows with aluminium profiles, if desired. Apart from protecting exterior surface areas, this allows you to choose from all the aluminium finishings available. This is particularly useful when reforming, when finishes have to match the other windows.

There are two recovering options: straight or mirte-joint finished caps can be installed on both frames and panels. A die will be used for the majority of the mechanical operations required.

Applications for participation in the Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises 2017 can be submitted in the Basque Country by the end of March 2017

Similarly to previous years, the government of the Basque Country published an announcement on the possibility to participate in the next edition of the Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises. Applications can be submitted by the end of March 2017, in accordance with the Ordinance published in Basque Country’s Official Journal of 30 December 2016:

The financial envelope allocated to the new Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises for 2017–2020, which is aimed at improving the availability, living conditions and energy efficiency of buildings and flats located in the autonomous region, which were built before 1980 amounts to € 5.5 million, of which the amount of € 100,000 will be designated for carrying out the programme during 2017 and the grants are going to increase during subsequent years to the amount of € 1.8 million in 2018, € 2.25 million in 2019 and € 1.35 million in 2020.

The grants are going to be allocated primarily to modernisation of multi-family residential buildings comprising a housing estate or a district. The beneficiaries shall be housing communities as well as municipal offices, small local governments, residential companies and developers, under the condition that they are owners of such buildings and that are involved in lease.

In order for a building to qualify for the programme, the modernisation must improve its energy efficiency at least to the Class C level, both in the scope of CO2 emission and its consumption of non-renewable energy.

The activities covered by the grant must be started in 2017 and completed by 31 July 2020. They may constitute up to 50% of the value of the planned investment (excluding taxes) or 60% in case of buildings located within integrated modernisation areas or degraded residential areas.

A grant in the amount of € 8,200 will be allocated to the improvement of energy efficiency of individual residential premises. The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis until the budget is depleted.

Andalusia is looking for entities for cooperation with regard to promotion of investments in the amount of 227 million euro for sustainable energy development within its society

At the beginning, Andalusia is planning to invest the amount of EUR 227 million to support sustainable energy development in the autonomous region between 2017 and 2020. Therefore, the process of acceptance of applications submitted by cooperating entities interested in undertaking activities in the scope of energy, which qualify for grants and which are covered by the Ordinance of 23 December 2016 on determination of the basis for granting aid, pursuant to the announcement published in Andalusia’s Official Journal: starts on 16 January.

The process of acceptance of interested entities is simplified and fully computerised. It will be available throughout the duration of the programme and it is addressed to professionals and companies operating their businesses in such sectors as the energy efficiency, sustainable building and the use of renewable energy sources in buildings and structures. After the announcement on acceptance of applications for participation in the programme, which is planned to occur during the second quarter of the current year, the cooperating entities are going to be providing advice to applicants and they are going to participate in the procedure of awarding grants on their behalf.

The first type of grants for sustainable building is aimed at encouraging investments consisting in improving the efficiency and savings generated with regard to private and public purpose infrastructure and buildings. Projects connected with improved thermal capacity and equipping new facilities with items such as lighting or air conditioning shall be distinguished.

Grants for sustainable building are going to be used to finance the following activities: provision of windows or skylights with the relevant thermal capacity, including measures for protection against solar radiation or for providing shade as well as methods for utilisation of natural light.

The grants are addressed both to citizens (for residential purposes) and to housing communities, sole entrepreneurs, local governments as well as small and medium enterprises. The new announcement is meant to constitute a response to the incredible popularity of such grants during previous editions in 2014 and in 2015, owing to which over 36,000 investments were carried out by 8,000 cooperating entities and over 20,000 workplaces were created.

The new announcement on acceptance of applications for the project, managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency (AEA) and co-financed using resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is addressed to natural persons, companies and administrative bodies to encourage initiatives regarding energy savings and efficient use of renewable energy sources.

exlabesa plus, our Software Designed to Create Offers and Bills of Materials, Becomes More and More Popular

The number of users of our exlabesa plus software designed to create offers and bills of materials continues to grow. This is flexible and constantly updated software including all our latest products, which makes it possible to access exlabesa system: windows, doors and façades.

With exlabesa plus, we offer you an intuitive and simple tool that helps you quickly design all models, combinations and variations. Our software allows you to prepare and customise quotations, optimise materials and access cutting information. Furthermore, it makes it possible to prepare reports and has many other features typical of the fitting and window fabrication industry. The software allows you to place an order for the selected product directly with one of our factories.

High demand for innovative software tools for everyday work, such as exlabesa plus, allows us to successfully organise training sessions throughout Spain. Our last destination was Barcelona where many training participants appreciated the advantages of the application and applied solutions which are extremely useful when developing designs. We kindly invite all those who are interested to meet us on 22 March
in the Province of Málaga.