Plan Renew (Renovation Campaign) for Windows for 2016 has already been put into operation in Galicia.

Public Administration have been  for some time now driving  the rational use of energy in society through various measures. They are offering grants to initiatives involving savings and more efficient use of energy by promoting the renovation of windows in residential properties.

A large part of the property developments built in many places in Spain are known for the inferior quality of their energy-saving specifications. Many buildings dating from the second half of the 20th Century were designed and built without insulation. In addition, the lack of maintenance of these buildings have brought about deterioration of the frames and a reduction in the effectiveness of the seals of the outer carpentry and the subsequent resultant increase in energy consumption.

Reforming windows can significantly reduce the total consumption of energy of buildings. Public Administration consider it opportune to include an economic incentive that encourages the buyer to purchase these new windows and, as a result, contribute in an efficient way to the objective of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in our homes.

In December 2015, the mandate to make available the Plan Renew for Windows 2016 were published in the Official Gazettes in the autonomous communities of Galicia and Valencia. In Galicia, €1,700,00 was destined to this initiative and grants were issued up to a maximum of €100 per square metre up to a limit of €3,000 per single home. For housing associations and residential buildings, the maximum grant is €3,000 per single home up to €50,000 per building complex. Requests for grants can be submitted from 1 March up until 30 September 2016 or until the credit amount is used up. All information can be found on the following web site:


In Valencia, €75 is to be paid per square metre for the full renovation of windows or French windows (glass, frame and subframes). Requests for grants should be submitted before 17 June 2016. Al information can be found on the following web site: