Significant improvements in the new price offer of exlabesa PVC

From April 1, our customers will receive a new price offer for exlabesa PVC 2018, which introduces significant improvements in the range of products by updating and extending the dimensions of individual systems. The price offer is updated in accordance with the market situation in order to offer the highest quality of the product.

The new document includes all PVC profiles, classified by systems, their schematic image, available finishing for each of them and delivery times, as well as other information. The document allows you to meet the accessories, supplemental profiles, aluminium profiles and steel reinforcements related to our range of PVC products.

Compared to the prices of the previous offer, we can see small fluctuations both up and down, depending on the dimensions and finishing, because detailed calculations were carried out in each case.

In addition, the general sales condition is included, which specifies both the standard range and terms of commitments, as well as other ordinary variables as a part of business relations regarding sales and deliveries.