The New Architectural Lab At exlabesa highlights our industrial potential

exlabesa Architectural Lab, is the new headquarters for the Systems company, it demonstrates the industrial power of the company through the curtain wall created with the ECW-50 system. Its uniqueness has reached a new level through the production of a beam made of one of the largest aluminium profiles, which are manufactured in Spain, on which the wall sits.

The installed profile has over 30,000 cm4 of inertia and provides support for the curtain wall at 2.5 m above the ground level. However, the supports are suspended on the upper part, attachment to a large aluminium beam is carried out allowing for necessary vertical movement due to expansion.

In our Rois plant, we have a 6500-tone press. It allows to create profiles with a width of 62 cm and carry out extrusion cycles, without binding up to 500 kg.

The new building positions exlabesa as a leader in the world market for extrusion of aluminium and PVC, and allows us to show our capabilities, and the use of products we manufacture.