Applications for participation in the Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises 2017 can be submitted in the Basque Country by the end of March 2017

Similarly to previous years, the government of the Basque Country published an announcement on the possibility to participate in the next edition of the Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises. Applications can be submitted by the end of March 2017, in accordance with the Ordinance published in Basque Country’s Official Journal of 30 December 2016:

The financial envelope allocated to the new Programme for Modernisation of Residential Premises for 2017–2020, which is aimed at improving the availability, living conditions and energy efficiency of buildings and flats located in the autonomous region, which were built before 1980 amounts to € 5.5 million, of which the amount of € 100,000 will be designated for carrying out the programme during 2017 and the grants are going to increase during subsequent years to the amount of € 1.8 million in 2018, € 2.25 million in 2019 and € 1.35 million in 2020.

The grants are going to be allocated primarily to modernisation of multi-family residential buildings comprising a housing estate or a district. The beneficiaries shall be housing communities as well as municipal offices, small local governments, residential companies and developers, under the condition that they are owners of such buildings and that are involved in lease.

In order for a building to qualify for the programme, the modernisation must improve its energy efficiency at least to the Class C level, both in the scope of CO2 emission and its consumption of non-renewable energy.

The activities covered by the grant must be started in 2017 and completed by 31 July 2020. They may constitute up to 50% of the value of the planned investment (excluding taxes) or 60% in case of buildings located within integrated modernisation areas or degraded residential areas.

A grant in the amount of € 8,200 will be allocated to the improvement of energy efficiency of individual residential premises. The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis until the budget is depleted.