Presentation of new products in Palma de Mallorca

A meeting with customers was held in order to present the various products of our brand on June 6, in the Amic Horizonte hotel in Palma de Mallorca. The atmosphere of the meeting held from 10am to 4pm was very pleasant, and it was warmly welcomed by the participants. The day began with a corporation presentation of our company, developed by the Chief Systems Director, Jesús Bona.

During the meeting, the participants had an opportunity to get to know the aluminium and PVC systems, as well as exlabesa plus, our software analysing offer and selecting materials. In addition, RS-70 Series of Hidden Leafs were especially noted for their excellent results; we must stress that it is a very desirable product in today’s market. The customers were also informed about the new plans for the future of exlabesa.

It was an intense and successful day ended with lunch, during which we had the opportunity to exchange views and knowledge of the needs of the sector, in order to be able to adapt the activities to the interests of our customers, respond to their needs and undertake effective activities.