exlabesa celebrates its commercial meeting in the second half of the year

In the exlabesa Architectural Lab auditorium, on 23 and 24 July a meeting took place of our entire trade network from Spain. For two days of intensive work, we have worked together on the needs of clients and innovations that we introduced to the market this year. One of the goals of the meeting, which was attended by about 40 people, was to analyze market entry with new products, as well as to strengthen customer relationships.

General director Jesús Bona was responsible for starting the meeting with the more commercial aspect of the conference, together with Luis Miguel Santillán, Commercial Director of PVC systems. Subsequently, José Manuel Couñago presented feature in the field of railings and hinge systems, María Jesús Devesa explained the update of sliding systems, and Javier Estévez was responsible for presenting new aspects in PVC systems. In addition, the meeting ended with a training session of Manuel González, Head of Sales of the Central Zone.

The intensity of the meetings was combined with outdoor activities during which the participants had the opportunity to strengthen relationships and exchange views on work done in various parts of Spain.