exlabesa completes the range of PVC systems with a new Elevable Sliding Window: the GRAND Comfort

GRAND Comfort is the new solution to the Elevable Sliding Window for the PVC-U system range by exlabesa. The company chose VETECO to launch it on the market, with a large-scale exhibit.

Of all the sliding windows, the Elevable has always been considered top of the range. Helped by high capacity rollers, it allows the installation of glass panes of up to 400 kg.

The quality of “Elevable” is determined by its hardware: the panel lifts slightly before moving, helped by the roller assemblies inside and a large handle. In this position, free of friction, large panels glide smoothly along an aluminium rail.

One of the main reasons for choosing this system is because it is easy to manufacture. The time employed is up to 30% less than other systems. In addition, the use of aluminium for the inside frame makes it more robust and allows for minimising its height to reduce the subsequent architectural limitation.