exlabesa is going to present a new GLASS RAIL balustrade solution with integrated light in VETECO.

The new version of the GLASS RAIL balustrade with LED lighting will be present at our stand as one of the most attractive features.




Transparency is one of the most important elements of the glass balustrade, because it provides connection with the outside and safety at the same time. The GLASS RAIL system is also characterized by simple installation, by mounting only in the base. In this way, a clean and transparent installation is obtained when the horizontal and vertical elements disappear, creating a total integration with the environment. In short, the transparency in the glass balustrade creates the perfect combination of space and environment in the building.

From an aesthetic point of view, GLASS is an attractive solution in various applications, because it provides lightness, depth of space and clean line.

As a feature, the system has a profile extension that allows to turn on the internal LED lighting in both the option on the front of the concrete slab and above it.

These new profiles, on the one hand, allow the installation to be improved by using a new leveling system, and on the other hand, they increase the ease of installation and adjusting of glass through new connections and wedges.

In addition, a new simple balustrade with LED diodes was designed for the series, an external additive with LED diodes and new covers for the front profile of the concrete slab, which adapt their structure, enabling a full U-profile coating, as well as a hidden drainage option and inclusion of LED lighting outside these profiles.




Stand: 9A06