exlabesa obtains excellent results in recent Tests of RS-70 HOi

At the beginning of March, new tests of RS-70 HOi system, 16-mm channel version, were carried out in the ENSATEC Laboratory, accredited as the European Notified Body. This confirmed the latest achievements in the development of the system, hidden fittings and hidden corner fittings which in comparison to previous studies, were further improved.

RS-70 HOi reached the top results which is the best in our range of viable systems. The tests were carried out on a window of a size of 1000×1200 mm, and reached the classification of E1950 CLASS for water resistance, and the assessment of CE3100 CLASS for wind resistance.

RS-70 HOi window system connects technology and innovation for aesthetics and solid structure. At a depth of 70 mm the outside appearance is an attractive feature which highlights its simple form. Due to the slim external aesthetics of the system you cannot distinguish the fixed lights from the opening sashes.