exlabesa plus, our Software Designed to Create Offers and Bills of Materials, Becomes More and More Popular

The number of users of our exlabesa plus software designed to create offers and bills of materials continues to grow. This is flexible and constantly updated software including all our latest products, which makes it possible to access exlabesa system: windows, doors and façades.

With exlabesa plus, we offer you an intuitive and simple tool that helps you quickly design all models, combinations and variations. Our software allows you to prepare and customise quotations, optimise materials and access cutting information. Furthermore, it makes it possible to prepare reports and has many other features typical of the fitting and window fabrication industry. The software allows you to place an order for the selected product directly with one of our factories.

High demand for innovative software tools for everyday work, such as exlabesa plus, allows us to successfully organise training sessions throughout Spain. Our last destination was Barcelona where many training participants appreciated the advantages of the application and applied solutions which are extremely useful when developing designs. We kindly invite all those who are interested to meet us on 22 March
in the Province of Málaga.