Extension of the duration of the windows replacement programme in the autonomus community of Madrid

The Autonomous Community of Madrid extended the duration of the Windows Replacement Programme until 30 September this year, to further promote the improvement of the thermal insulation of residential buildings, houses, offices and hotels. Our company is a point of reference in the sector due to the technology used in the production of double-glazed windows, which can reduce heat and air-conditioning losses, and improve thermal comfort of buildings. The Administration of Madrid made available the website www.planrenovedeventanas.com containing all requirements and conditions that must be met in order to receive a grant.

The modernization of glazing systems involves improved thermal comfort, reduced CO2 and supports the environmental protection. It is also worth mentioning other resulting benefits such as improved acoustics, enhanced security through improved locking and reduced condensation of water in the rooms.

The grant is up to 70 € per square meter of a double-glazed pane with reinforced thermal insulation. You may apply for a grant until 30 September. All information is available on the website www.planrenovedeventanas.com.13