High-efficiency Systems in New exlabesa Architectural Lab

In line with the innovative design of the building and the idea to create a minimum energy consumption structure, when selecting air-conditioning and lighting equipment priority has been given to energy efficiency.

The office areas, showrooms and training rooms are equipped with a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Volume) heat pump air-conditioning system with high COP equipment, i.e. the equipment with particularly high coefficient of performance values.

This high-efficiency heat pump system offers a high level of modulation and adjusts the amount of generated energy to the needs of the people occupying the building at any given time. Thus, the systems ensure very high seasonal energy efficiency.

The entrance hall area is equipped with a high-efficiency roof-top heat pump system with double heat recovery and a free cooling mode. The unit also has an external air supply mode, thus supporting natural ventilation for heat dissipation in the summer period.

These air-conditioning systems will be complemented by specially designed lighting systems with LEDs that reduce energy consumption in the building to the minimum level.