Madrid hosted the second session in a series of one-day training exlabesa plus

We continue a series of one-day training on the new exlabesa cutting software. Following the success of the meetings in Galicia and Madrid, we planned for the next Wednesday, 22 February, the third session in a series of one-day training exlabesa plus for professionals in Barcelona. The following session will be held on 22 March in the province of Malaga. All interested in that event can still confirm their availability.

As a leader in the global market of aluminum and PVC extrusion, we encourage you to participate in the event in Spain, which is an intensive laboratory training for professionals. Our aim is to dispel any doubts about the program exlabesa plus first hand and to provide detailed information on the alternatives that this program offers in everyday use.

During the last meeting in Madrid – on 25 January – more than fifty participants taking part in the training session exlabesa plus had the opportunity to get to know the details of the way the cutting software works. Both professionals who were already familiar with the program and those who discovered it that day – all participants of the training could put into practice the tools offered by the new software.

We remind you that next Wednesday, 22 February, in Barcelona, the third session in a series of one-day training will be held at the Hotel Mercure Augusta del Vallés. We also confirm that our next destination will be the province of Malaga, where the next training session exlabesa plus will take place on Wednesday, 22 March.