New exlablesa Composite Panel Documentation

A more complete version of exlabesa composite panel documentation is available on our website. The new documentation includes technical documents and dossier.

The composite panel by exlabesa is a multi-layer panel 4 mm thick made of two 0.5 mm aluminium sheets joined by a foamed polyurethane core in the case of the PE panel and by mineral resins in the case of the FR, making them lightweight and rigid.

Their design and flexibility define them for their capacity to adapt to multiple shapes through mechanised, folded, perforated, or curved solutions. Its material is particularly well adapted for both new and refurbishing building projects because of its extra protection and durability provided in all its variants.

Its self-levelling structure is made up of different manufactured elements in aluminium that can be regulated to the position of the support profiles obtaining a completely flat surface over the entire façade.

There are different anchoring systems made from aluminium profiles and fixings that offer a variety of solutions to the most demanding requirements.

Plate systems

­  –           Hanging plates

–           Male-female plates

Panel system

–           Riveted

–           Glued21