PVC-U Quiet Comfort 70 system by exlabesa exceeds any expectations in the recent tests

Our PVC-U QUIET Comfort 70 system exceeded all expectations in the recent tests carried out in the ENSATEC Laboratory, accredited as the European Notified Body, last March. The tests checked air permeability, which reached the result of Class 4; water resistance obtained the classification of E2100 Class; and wind resistance obtained CE3000 Class. In addition, the tests involved new joints of the rigid base of PVC-U system which also effectively exceeded the standards, and put this product as one of the best among PVC-U systems family.

With a wide range of product, the capabilities of QUIET Comfort 70 system makes this PVC-U window one of the most successful products in the company, as well as one of the most popular on the market.

This product connects excellent technical parameters such as sealing, and from the aesthetic point of view allows for straight or curved lines. Therefore, it is one of the most popular products on the markets.