Training workshops of exlabesa

The workshop proved its usefulness by taking an active part in the creation of a new Architectural Lab of exlabesa.

Our Training Workshop began the series of training courses on the systems, targeting dealers, factory workers and installers. The purpose of this workshop is to provide continuous training for the participants to maximize the performance of all our products and to offer the optimal and tailored service to each customer’s needs.

In order to broaden their knowledge, the participants work with mechanical saws, mechanical pruners, pneumatic presses, copiers, milling machines for drainage holes and PVC weldering machines. The workshop is fully equipped to allow the installation of any type of aluminium or PVC systems.

The courses are held in small groups to ensure maximum performance. In addition, the courses are personalized for customers who only wish to learn the subjects they are interested in.

It is also worth mentioning how important the training workshop is. As you know, it was a great help in the construction of a new Architectural Lab of exlabesa. A number of structural elements are created in our workshop to assemble them directly on the construction site to save time and costs.

The inauguration of the workshop was held in February this year, and its purpose is to meet all our needs of the training characteristics.